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Akasha - The Last Light is a fast paced wave shooter offering you a synthy retro experience. Your goal is to defend against an increasing number of enemies that will attack you on sight. However, your main objective is to protect the last remnants of your almost forgotten civilization. 



Our team, consisting of six first year Gameart & Gameprogramming students build the game as part of a four-week project phase at the School of Games, Cologne.



You, the player are Akasha, the princess of the long forgotten desert planet Wylan. Your mission is to stop a mysterious mechanical force from extinguishing the last great artifact of your once thriving but now extinct civilization.

As a last resort, Akasha sacrificed herself to Ymir (a demon like spirit) who uses her flesh as a vessel to aid in stopping the hate machines and to protect the last light.



Jonathan Lang                 Programming, Gamedesign, Sounddesign, UI, Trailer     

Timur Ural                          Lead Artist,  Lookdev,  Sounddesign, Voice acting

Michelle Ferber              Modelling, Character      

Eda Ayhan                          Modelling,   Voice acting

Leon Mlaiel                        Modelling     

Justin Ervens                    Animations & VFX   

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