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Queue Connect is an endless runner in which you have to repair as many robot friends as possible. But beware! don't make too many mistakes or your shift will end.


This game was developed by me and one of my classmates during our time at the School of Games as a side project. We started developing this game relatively early during our two year game programming education. The precursor to this game was previously made by us in a slightly larger group at the Global Game Jam, which was also our first time participating. Trust me when I say that this project was blessing and curse simultaneously. 

Due to us over-scoping (inexperienced as we were back then) while simultaneously learning new things in many areas, the game became a permanent companion for the rest of our time at the School of Games. Always there to return to in between other school projects, private projects and work. Working on a project that you always return to after you've learned so many new things is harder than it sounds. I am therefore proud to say that the game was completed and released nonetheless.

It is definitely not the game we originally envisioned, but it was still a great learning project.


Jonathan Lang              UI & Backend Programming, Art, Sound Design
Mark Herdt                    Gameplay Programming


QueueConnect.zip 100 MB

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